Sunday, December 19, 2010

Watching Me

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent Saturday filming my story. We started out by going to First Baptist where I received my shoe box. They set up the lights, camera, and microphone inside the church, and it instantly brought back memories of my time there as a child. Not much has changed on the inside of the church, so I was very pleased with the setting. I spent close to an hour answering questions about basically my whole life. I had to do a couple of takes for some statements because it was a little chilly inside the church, and the microphone was picking up the sound of my feet moving as I was trying to keep them warm. Pretty sensitive, huh?

After that, the kids who were playing Bobby (my younger brother) and I entered the church to be filmed. We went into the pastor's office (the one who baptized me in that same church) and filmed a distribution. In a pretty neat twist, my Mom and Bobby were the two who were involved in the passing of the shoe boxes to little Sorina and little Bobby. I say little Sorina with a wink because the girl playing me is actually quite big, but I was somewhat big for my age back then.

The next filming involved little Sorina and little Bobby opening their shoe boxes. My husband Lance thinks this was probably the most special part of what will be shot. My mom has kept the scarf and hat I got all these years, and when the girl opened her box, she was filmed finding those exact same items. We had a pair of white gloves in there also that we brought with us; we're not sure where they went. Little Sorina was filmed putting on that same hat and scarf, and I was thrilled that the items looked good on her, Little Bobby did a fabulous job of going through his box, and everyone involved with the shoot was very pleased with how the two kids did.

The rest of the day involved filming me walking down the street to the church, the actors walking down the street to the church, me walking from the gate to the front door, the actors walking from the gate to the front door, the actors leaving the front door heading toward the gate with their gifts (little Sorina was wearing hat and scarf), and the actors walking away from the church with their gifts. It was quite cold outside during all this, but everyone survived, and hopefully some good footage was obtained.

The afternoon was spent filming another part of Izabella's story in an apartment in town. They had done the first part of it Friday afternoon. All in all, Saturday was a full day for everyone.

As I write this, we have already done the distribution on Sunday and will be doing a distribution at an orphanage on Monday. I'll discuss in more detail each of these days later on. Right now, I'm signing off to write a short blog entry for Samaritan's Purse/OCC about Sunday's distribution. I'm not sure where it will wind up, but if you go looking, you might find it!

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