Sunday, December 5, 2010


Tonight, Lance and I had the privilege of going to the BarlowGirl concert in Concord, NC. I hadn't really heard of them before this year, but then again, I don't keep up well with music, unlike my husband. I then learned of their involvement with Operation Christmas Child this year. They were able to go to Belize earlier this year in order to distribute shoe boxes to needy children, since 95% of the country is living under poor conditions, leaving the other 5% to the nice resorts we all picture. You can see their OCC experience in this short video:

So, here we were tonight at the BarlowGirl concert, and I did not know what to expect in terms of music/worship. The first band, Reilly, did a good job, and actually helped BarlowGirl with part of their concert. The girls were so real, down to earth, and very chatty on stage, almost making the audience part of their family. They mainly performed Christmas songs and their main hits, of which the latest is "Hallelujah (Light Has Come)". You can watch the newly filmed video for this song here:

The highlight of the night though was the girls' passion for the Word of God. Taking advantage of the young audience that adores their jamming style, the girls, especially Alyssa and Lauren, pretty much preached the Word with no shame, a lot of confidence in the Holy Spirit, and heartfelt encouragement. It was very inspiring to hear Lauren, a 25-year old Chicago powerhouse. She said that "the world should never be the same because you lived in it...dream the dreams God has for you...find your purpose in this world, and have your heart broken by the same things Christ's heart breaks over." Hands were raised up in the air, and youth were not the only ones praising God in the midst of jamming. Then came Alyssa, the middle sister, who spoke with much conviction, begging people to allow Christ to make things new again this Christmas. Alyssa prayed for healing and for breakthroughs, no matter the circumstance. Three girls, whose calling is to spread the Gospel with a band, spoke to hundreds of hearts tonight, as angels only do, or maybe messengers of hope. They impressed upon my heart that music is not made only of notes and instruments, but of hearts that vibrate at the Father's calling.

This evening has me more than ready to fly to Chicago on Tuesday to share my story before a special preview of the third Narnia movie.

Nice to meet you, BarlowGirl!


  1. I love hearing how God is using you. Praying for safe travels tomorrow for you and a special anointing of the Spirit on you as well.

  2. Thanks, Kathy. I am very excited to see the Narnia movie preview tomorrow. What's next for you?

  3. Wow, So. Would you have EVER imagined this is where God was leading you when we first met 9 years ago???!!! Me either. God is AH-MA-ZING! Can't wait to here how things go in Chicago!

  4. I know, life has taken so many turns in the last few years- for the better:)

    I'll let you know how Chicago went-I hear they've had snow.