Friday, December 24, 2010

Tears in the Orphanage

Well, it's approaching late afternoon on Christmas Eve in Romania. I just went shopping with Bobby to get things for the next few days while Lance got gifts ready. It feels good to be home.

As promised, here is a recap of Monday. Monday morning began with Izabella's interview at an old abandoned dorm. Some shots were also taken of me there, but some people came and started snooping around to see what we were doing, so we split.

After this, I was filmed some more at an alley at a dead end street as well as at a bakery purchasing bread. If you've heard me tell my story, you know how I relate how we got bread back to how communism was. After a stop to get the shoe boxes for the afternoon, we then went to the school where I taught before coming to America. It's abandoned now since they have a nice new building in another part of town, but going back there brought to mind so many fond memories. This was a very emotional shoot for me, but it's one that I enjoyed, and I hope it makes it on the video.

After this shoot, the crew was dropped off at the hotel while the rest of us went to the distribution at the orphanage. There were some issues with the initial filming of Livia at the orphanage, so it was decided that the distribution at the orphanage would not be filmed.

We got there, and after all the boxes were carried in, a local missionary told a Bible story followed by Livia's testimony. Livia herself was an orphan, and the kids were very receptive to what she was saying. There were 3 in particular; I'll talk more about them later. The kids got those boxes, and after the countdown for opening, the smiles are some that I will not soon forget. I really can't put all the thoughts I had in words. If you know me, for me to be speechless says something.

As mentioned above, I would discuss Livia and 3 girls. These girls literally would not let Livia leave, and she made sure to get contact info for them before heading out. I believe these girls found a hero in Livia, and to think that her visit could have such a positive impact on these girls is something I can't truly fathom.

Everyone headed off to Bucharest in the evening, leaving Lance and I to celebrate Christmas with my family. The days involved in all of this have made me feel honored to be able to do what I can in order to give more children the opportunity to learn about God. I will never take packing a shoe box lightly ever again.

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