Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sorry for the delay in updating. It's been crazy the last few days. I'll recap Sunday's activities now and will talk about Monday on Christmas Eve.

Sunday morning was spent filming Livia's interview in the park. This park in Craiova is the 2nd largest in Europe, so there were many good filming spots to be found. I stayed in the cold in the morning while Lance and Bobby went with the bus to pick up the boxes for the afternoon distribution. When they returned, we all loaded up and went to an Orthodox church near the center of downtown. Downtown is decorated nicely, and the crew got good footage of me walking around the church. They filmed while mass was going on, and it reminded me of how tradition can get in the way of a relationship with Christ.

After lunch, we were on our way to Giubega for the first distribution of the trip. Giubega is a village outside of Craiova that takes about 40 minutes to get to. The distribution was at the local school. Liviu Costea (a pastor in Craiova) helped organize the event, and it was a great time. Even though I was being filmed and instructed on things to say at certain times, I still tried to soak it all in as much as I could. The camera caught me one time in tears due to the emotions I was having.

We were told "Thank You" so many times and that no one has come to this village to give gifts before. Even though this was a scripted distribution, the impact was overwhelming yet still in line with why the ministry exists.

As I mentioned earlier, check back on Christmas Eve for details of Monday's distribution. The events of Monday afternoon will be something Lance and I will not soon forget.

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