Saturday, December 11, 2010

Narnia and OCC

So, I got back from Chicago a couple of days ago, where I had the privilege to speak at a preview of "Narnia: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader". I spoke about OCC and The Greatest Journey Bible lessons to about 240 people that came out on a cold night. The audience was great, the lights dim, and the atmosphere intimate. I find it different every time I speak, because my story takes different turns according to the vibe of the crowd. I love that aspect of sharing for OCC.

But back to Narnia. Aside from the 3D touch to it, the movie captures many faith allusions, such as Aslan being ever present, whether in Narnia, WWII, or Aslan's country. Another honorable mention is Eustace's revelation, similar to Saul's. I definitely recommend the movie; you'll want to live in Narnia afterwards. One good thing about this third adaptation is that it is much milder in terms of violence and graphic representations of monsters, death, etc. Any child will be less scared by all these water creatures and more enthralled by their superpowers. C.S. Lewis was so inspired to put these biblical concepts in child's play. Thumbs up!

Feel free to comment if you've seen the movie, and stay tuned for my next post all the way from Romania next week!

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